Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Day at the Park

Our typical Saturday morning with homemade pancakes, a trip to the farmers market then to the park.
It was a hot one but still we all love to be outdoors even if its high 90's! 
With a extra set of hands I'm always itching to get out and spend the day exploring and enjoying family time.  
Me and my girl 
If I had ever dreamed of having a daughter ... Brooke is more perfect than I could have dreamed of! 
I think this one is just so sweet of Kate showing off her summer blonde 
We can't leave the farmers market without the yummy Kernel corn 
Our Cheese bucket ... enjoying as much popcorn as he can get his hands on! 
Fun Kate ... loving on Daddy 
You know this man was surprised by this little Kate and if you would have asked him when we were dating if  we were going to have four kids... he might have laughed at you.. thinking "ya right" 
But I can honestly tell you his heart is so full and I know he can't imagine 
life without this perfect beautiful surprise. 
Even funnier that God designed her to look so much like him ... 
just another great reminder of his perfect plans! 

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Cindy said...

Totally cute! & i love your blog.. it so fun. Newest follower

Alexis said...

Love these photos esepcially of your little boy and his big smile just adorable!

Heidi said...

Hey we have the same name! Love these pictures of you and your family. New follower to your blog :)

Danielle said...

So cute! Now I want a little girl again...

Bees_Circus said...

Your kiddos are just the cutest! Xxx

Anonymous said...

CUTE!!! I miss our farmer's market days. FUN!!!!

How sweet It is said...

Beautiful family photos!