Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just a mess...

All the funny memories come quickly back to me thinking of Jonas at around 16 months... he was into EVERYTHING ... non stop every second of the day he was constantly testing out what he could and couldn't touch. The boy wore me out! His hands and mouth were on anything in front of him. 
Check out this post of little J-man 
There was no filter of thinking "should I do this?" 
I'm getting a glimpse of hitting that stage with Kate, at only 13 months now... everything starts earlier with your youngest right? Since she started walking at 11months I feel like she's in fast speed to catch up with her siblings. One thing different is that she does hesitate before she does something .. thank goodness. She looks around to see if it's ok and if no one is watching to say no .. she is diving into everything. 
Yes she has hit the toilet water a few times including a few toys she's dropped in.  I think it's a right of passage into toddler-hood with playing with toilet water and the eating dog food. 
I found her a few times getting into a mess... 
She  ripped open the entire bag of goldfish that was in my diaper bag. 
What's on her face?  a fruit roll up she ate before that... Crazy girl 
Another day it got eerily quiet and I was wondering where's Kate? oh ya ..
pulling out all my mommy's teaching papers and markers ... 
and of course it wouldn't be a complete mess without a total spaghetti face ... she loves her food more than any kid in this house .. grunts and moans until you feed her. She eats spaghetti like she hasn't eaten for months shoving it in. 
This was a new one to get into ... 

One day she came around the corner of the hallway so proud of what she found. Yes, those are tampons! As she turned the corner she ducks her head down and makes a run for it knowing she shouldn't have these. It's too funny... After putting them back she always goes back for more. She is sneaky and every time I turn around she is looking into everything. Jonas' into everything phase went by so quickly becoming a slow blur of the past so hopefully it will with Kate. Until then we just have to stop, laugh and have a messy house!

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