Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This Friday

My friends are about to embark on a trip to Ethiopia this Friday! 
Jessica is going to her court date and the other Devin unfortunately didn't get the cut off from rainy season so she is going to have to wait for her court date but in the meantime she is going to go with Jessica to meet their sons together for the first time! Isn't it wonderful how God intertwines relationships! 
I'm so excited for these two to have each other to share this experience with! While they are over there visiting their baby boys they are going to take a trip to Trees of Glory! 
That's where my precious sponsored Child ... Tigist is! 
 It's going to be great to get some updated pictures and see how she's grown. 
Isn't she beautiful! 
On their trip over there they plan to buy some school supplies. 
They could use your help! 
Click over to Jessica's blog and go to the left hand side and donate 
They are only wanting to raise $300 but hopefully the will reach more to give more!  
Even if it's just a few dollars it will make a difference. 

Here's a inspirational video of the children at Hopechest 

I can't wait to see what God has in store for these friends and hear all about their trip and experiences! 
It's fun living through others adventures until one day I can go!

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emily anderson said...

this just makes me so excited. wish i could be there to celebrate!