Thursday, July 19, 2012


My sweet hubby surprised me with an early birthday gift! 
The Dave Mathews Concert
I was at my dentist appointment with the twins getting all our teeth cleaned together. After I was checking out  scheduling our next appointments when I hear a knock at the front door. It's Jonas and he comes up to me and says Happy Birthday Mommy! I said what? He said Happy birthday Mommy these are for you and handed me two tickets for the concert... I thought it was a joke? What? Then I look and see Scott that was supposed to be at work, walk up! I started shaking and I said awe no way!! He said yep were leaving in an hour and driving with some friends to the concert. I was shocked, so excited and totally surprised!! After figuring out some details of things I had lined up for the day and an amazing mother in law coming to swoop up the kids. I headed home to get ready where Brooke lead me to my room with a few gifts of a dress Scott picked out, some earrings & bracelet from my sister in law, and new clutch bag from mother in law. It was all laid out for me ready to wear!!  I was so excited, I mean it's one thing to get concert tickets but so much sweeter that I didn't have to wonder what I was going to wear!
It was a night of laughs and feeling like a youngin college kid young:) It was in the top birthdays ever.
I couldn't tell you the last time I have been to a concert! 
It was a sweet surprise and yes my hubby gets the BEST husband award... how did I get to be so lucky?! 
So, tomorrow is the big day, I'll hit the half way to 70 mark! 
It was a good thing I can at least remember what it's like to be young again!

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Kelli Kegley said...

visiting from embrace the camera... That is AWESOME! Kudos to your hubby, for sure!! And your family is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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