Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A trip they won't forget

My travelers are back from Chicago! 
Mimi and Pops take every grandchild on a big trip when they turn 5. 
They picked Chicago for  Brooke and Parker. They went together... another bonus of being a twin. It was so sad the first day they were gone Jonas asked all day ... "when they coming back mommy?"
For 6 days they toured as much as they could. They enjoyed the Chicago Zoo, a few museums, a splash park, getting Brooke's first American Girl Doll, Parker a cool Lego set, went to a Chicago Cubs baseball game, went to Navy Pier, saw fireworks, ate Chicago pizza, rode lots of different types of transportation and lots more... they were busy! It was a great trip, I know one they will never forget! 
My big kids! 

It was hard for us... them being away, our house was quiet.. Jonas was lonely. I know after this week away from his brother and sister he is meant for siblings and loves them so much. Their bond is pretty special all four of these kids are so close! I also realize how helpful my twins are and just how good they are! I appreciate them more after a week of them gone. 
It was a great trip one they will cherish forever ... priceless memories made for a lifetime with their Grandparents. Can't wait to keep the tradition alive with my many Grandkids someday:) 

Thanks Mimi and Pops for everything!

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Deborah said...

What a terrific way to spend precious time with grandkids. Love it.