Thursday, February 3, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Me and My girl

Me and my girl.. ahh I just love her.
 She is just one sweet, strong, determined but shy little girl. 
Today seems very appropriate that we took the picture with her American Doll. 
About a month ago she was lost and
 never going to be found, we thought.
 Brooke is pretty good about keeping track of her stuff 
as she has never has lost anything before.
 Her memory is amazing, she knows every detail of what happens and when.
 I know this will come in handy when I get older and forget even more.
 She's really great at remembering  
where my keys are... my personal key finder, it's great. 
Well, we traced our steps and finally thought we figured out that we left the doll at the library during story time the week after Christmas. A few weeks had already passed when we went back to ask them... no dolls at all have been found. Brooke was so bummed, I really felt bad for her as she really thinks her doll is soo special...her MiMi had given it to her for her birthday. This week on Monday it was gorgeous outside I mean 75 degrees with a nice breeze and just beautiful. Sorry to the folks in the snow storms this week.. you're living in the wrong place:) We were on our back porch playing with toys and enjoy the day when all of a sudden Parker screams OMGOSH!!!! Behind a lounge chair between two cushions Parker pulls her doll out and screams "Brooke!"  She comes running and she is reunited with her sweet doll. Within a minute Brooke says "we came outside after the library that day and I must of left her outside." Her doll  has a little water damage but I told her it gives her character as she's had a rough month and it's a reminder to take better care of her. After a bath and new fresh clothes she was good as new. Brooke was so happy and everyday since they have been wearing matching outfits together. She gave Parker a huge hug and tells everyone that Parker found it and boy does he feel like a hero. 


Unknown said...

How adorable... It so cute how much she loves her doll :)

lesleyzellers said...

Oh my goodness, the matching outfits is killing me! So cute! So glad you found her!

Jessica said...

Beautiful picture!

Carissa said...

75 degrees? How yummy. I can only dream! Great pic and story!

Deborah said...

She looks so happy. What a hero Parker is to Brooke.

Phil and Bri said...

Looks like Jess is our mutual friend! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying HI! How fun. What a funny coincidence that we have the same blog name...yours is SO CUTE! Glory to God for another little one in your family! This is our first and we are beyond thrilled!

Kris said...

That picture is just plain awesome.

Mom's the Word said...

Beautiful girls!

Mommy Girl said...

what a precious pic of you and your girl! She's adorable

Brooke said...

Parker IS a hero!

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Two pretty girls! So sweet!