Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Sponsored Child

Our Sweet little girl Tigest is our sponsored child from Children's Hopechest in Ethiopia. A few weeks back we received a letter from her which just made my day. It's so fun to think that it came all the way from Africa into our living room as I was reading it to our children. I had sent her a package and she said "she received it and it made her so happy" she also said "she goes to school which she needs prayer to be a smart student, to be a good child, to have peace and most of all her health." She drew me a sweet pictures of flowers. This letter was just so precious to me .. this little girl is a million miles away and we get to have a small relationship with each other. Oh how I wish I could meet her and tell her how much Jesus loves and watches over her. Well, I get to get pretty close to that.. my dear friends are going to visit her and hopefully be able to capture some sweet pictures of her .. maybe even a video:) It's amazing how God lines things up! I'll keep you posted...
If you don't have a sponsored child you need one... or more than one. It's just priceless to live beyond yourself to think of others, and it's so rewarding. You feel like you could be making just a small difference and giving hope to someone in need. I think the more we think less of ourselves the more we experience what true joyful living is all about. You're blessed with all you have and most America are truly so rich.  Stretch yourself and your pockets to give to a child that has so little... you could be their only hope! 
Here are two blogs you can find out more information on receiving a sponsored child - is through Hopechest 

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