Monday, January 31, 2011

Mama's Helpers

It was funny, one morning I was making the kids breakfast when I turned around and Parker said "I want to change Jonas' diaper"... within a second he took off his diaper. He was very confidant and excited to give it a try, so I wouldn't want to discourage that! Brooke quickly came running over as she feels she is the diaper changing expert. I told her to let Parker try while she is trying to wait patiently biting at the bit to jump in at anytime. Jonas was not really awake yet and didn't mind the extra attention. While Parker tried to figured out how to pull out the tabs guess who jumps in to help?... little mama herself 
His 1st diaper change .. I think he's pretty proud. 

I ask Jonas who's changing your diaper and he says " bubba" 
Brooke dove in to help .. she is truly a natural little mama. 


Kim said...

(new reader)

how cute is that? so special that you captured that moment!

Jon y Amy said...

Tell Brooke and Parker that they can come and visit me in IN. They wouldn't have to share the same baby or the same diapers!!! ;)