Friday, November 19, 2010

Photogenic or What?

It never surprises me to get the best smiling pictures from Jonas ..I could be biased, but he is the most photogenic baby ever! Today Jonas turns 14 months old and he's been home for 7 half of his life. To enjoy the day we decided to head to the park after running a few errands. The weather is a perfect 68 degrees with a nice fall breeze. Jonas has loved being able to walk around, it's a whole new world for him and it especially makes the park more fun.

When at home, he walks around endlessly always with something in each hand. He loves to open and close the cabinet doors and drawers as he feels so proud he's helping.

I'm shocked at his vocabulary...neither of the twins had the amount of words or punctuation he does. I do think having older siblings around talking non stop helps but more than anything I just think he's one smart cookie. I feel he understands so much of what I'm telling him. The only challenge we're having is him giving up the bottle... with the twins it was right at 12 months they were on to sippy cups but not Jonas...he LOVES his bottle. The pediatrician said to offer him a bottle with water and a sippy cup with milk and he should take the cup with the milk. Not Jonas, he takes the bottle every time. I think it's just comfort for him...he looks at me throughout the day with his puppy dog eyes saying "BABA?" It's hard not giving it to him but it never fails if I do he doesn't end up eating his food. I know he won't be going to Kindergarten with a bottle so I'm not that worried. If you have any suggestions that would be great!

Parker going in for a tickle

Handsome big boy with still only two bottom teeth .. he's been teething forever .. hence the evidence of drool on his shirt .. not sure when those teeth are going to come in .. I'm sure it will happen all at once... ouch

Swinging hits Jonas' tickle bone.. he thinks it's so funny

He loves to chase after you while I'm saying come and get me .... I get him belly laughing so hard he falls over.

Sidenote: I caught Brooke on the tire swing she use to be so scared of it. You would put her on it within one push she was shaking to get off. Today I look up while pushing Jonas in the swing and she's standing up swinging so hard.. I couldn't believe it. She said look mama I'm not scared anymore. Poor girl has a huge bruise on her forehead from tripping running on a sidewalk last week..just in case you were wondering.

I just can't believe our sweet baby boy is a true toddler running around .. it's hard to remember babyhood as it just went so fast!
Here's a video we took the other night showing off some of his words but he was a little tired but even when he's tired he's cute:)


Deborah said...

Some of the cutest kids I know. Love that smile Jonas.

Linda said...

So adorable! He is very clear with his words - what a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

hey heidi - jonas is adorable. as far as advice on the bottle....of course the pediatrician said stop it right away at 12 months, but i didn't because taylor always loved his bottle too (and i liked giving it to him :) i gradually weaned it away so it wouldn't be traumatic and i didnt make it a big deal. i took away the morning bottle at 15 months and the night time bottle at 16 months and had no trouble because by this time he was used to drinking water out of his sippy cup during the day. i am just old school and think there is nothing wrong with a baby older than 12 months having a bottle, i had mine until i was 2.5 years old and i turned out fine :) good luck!


Christina said...

Adorable! I love the dimples!

I have to say, I never commented on your blog before, but I did read your story about your mom and the loss of your dad. It was so beautufully written and I commend you for your courage. You were able to encompass loss, forgiveness, appreciation and happiness all in one.

My mom and aunt lost their mom this year. I shared your story with them as I thought your strength and honesty was an inspiration.

Even when you think no one is listening, everyone is listening.

Sorry for not sharing sooner.

Unknown said...

Omigoooooooodness he is ABSOLUTELY photogenic - and so are your other adorable children!! ♥ SO CUTE!

Carissa said...

Heidi, Catching up on your blog...Wow, can you believe it's Christmas and here we are in such a different place than a year ago? So grateful for your words and pictures! Jonas, like Giana, is growing up fast!