Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Fog

To be totally honest and vulnerable with you, the fog of life has rolled in slowly over the last few months for me. I have been blinded to being able to see clearly on the vision of God. Being distracted by things of unimportance has swept in. Old idols have arose again but this time I'm instantly reminded to beware. Again, I find myself with worry and doubts in need of totally surrendering my fears onto him. God has BIG... no HUGE things planned for me and for some reason I have let joy be robbed by worry. I have been holding my breath, ready for a big trial to hit me... but the storm seems to be veering off and the fog is slowly lifting and I can taste the joy about to burst through. I will never find my security within my own thoughts of a storm coming... I have to remember EVERY time, GOD controls the atmosphere of my life. I've been obsessing about the possible problems rather than bringing them to God. This week I start fresh, fighting off the temptations to lose focus on what really matters most, my relationship with Jesus. I choose this week to look to my side at Jesus holding my hand guiding me and giving me strength. I know he's my strength and together with him I can handle ANYTHING!
I'm sure to some of you this may not make sense but in the upcoming weeks it will... hang on and let me catch you up to the past couple of months with some fun family photos in between :)
Boy, have I missed sharing my thoughts with you... even after writing this, the fog has lifted just a little more.


Lindsay said...

I randomly found your blog when I was searching for families that have gone through the adoption process. Now that we've decided to go for it, pick an agency and submit our first round of paperwork I feel like I'm being attacked. I know this will be a long road and I'm not in the mood for worry and fear when God has proven himself faithful to me OVER and OVER and OVER. Thanks for "The Fog" entry. It reminds me as well that my relationship with Jesus is number one. I want to be in his will. I can't wait to find out what plans he has for our family.

Thanks for the encouragement!

The Pendrak's said...

Praying for you my friend, can't wait to hear the updates!