Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Our neighborhood is the BEST place for trick or treating. Our houses are really close together so the kids don't have to walk far, plus everyone sits on their front porches and passes out candy. It's the one time of year you see ALL your neighbors out at the same time. We invited our friends over for our 3rd annual chili and trick or treating Halloween Party. All the kids were dressed so cute. Brooke was Cinderella, Parker was Mr. Incredible, and Jonas was a lion.
Isn't he the cutest lion ever? When you asked him what a lion says he goes Roar
The whole gang
Jonas is thinking "what is this and why have you deprived me of it for so long?"
mmmmm he says
It was hard to keep up with the older kids this year as they wanted to run to each house. With having a good neighborhood for Halloween everyone knows that and it was packed but since it was a school night it was an early night. I hope you all had a great Halloween too.

Here is a video while riding back from the pumpkin patch the twins were wiped out but not Jonas .. you can hear the Lion Roar

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