Friday, November 15, 2013

The Hand

This last weekend I had the privilege of going to Beth Moore and hearing God speak through her! It was  just so empowering and rejuvenated my soul with the words I needed to hear! So much I couldn't wait to share it with ya'll! 
How are such mighty works done by his hands? Isn't he the carpenter? 
Our God has done mighty things with his hands

Here are 10 things that God has done with his powerful HAND
1.There is nothing like the HAND of the Lord upon us
2. Jesus gave flesh and bones to the outstretched HAND of God
3. We are not only in God's HANDS we are in his arms!
4. We stretch out our HANDS to his outstretched HAND
I have a clear vision of when worshiping and you see people raise their hands it's a symbol showing you reaching for God.
5. Jesus knew firsthand what it was like to be a man
6 We need Christ's fingers in our ears sometimes to hear
we are all easily distracted from what God might be trying to tell us.. we are all called to speak but we need to listen to him first! Then we are able to speak plainly and explain it clearly!
 7 When God's HAND is heavy he wants something handed over
     REPENT- which makes you clean!
8. We have one sure way to get back beneath his HAND
Through his word ... we need to fill our souls with scripture!
9 Oftentimes his hand rises us up after the thing nearly kills us
10 Christ is seated at God's right HAND until we see him split the sky

There is so much HOPE given in every situation .. no matter what the difficulty you are facing it is reassuring that God is with us every step of the way! It's our responsibility to turn to him and seek his hand to lead us when we fall he will catch us to help us again and again. Allow the spirit to fill you up leading you every hour  and every minute of everyday. When we follow God's schedule we can't go wrong we are moving along in life with a peace that will be contagious to those around us. I encourage you to stop outreach your HAND as strong as you can to the KING that created you and who has the HOPE of this world in the scriptures that he has written to speak to each one of us!

A few weeks ago, I allowed Kate to sleep in a big bed while we were at the beach. She was so excited and proud.. I knew I might regret this brilliant idea but all the kids were so excited for her to sleep with them. She did pretty good except that she woke up at 5am ready to go ... loudly waking up everyone in the condo. We were all trying to go back to sleep but just couldn't then I realized the sun would be coming out soon. Lets layer up and go out to watch the sun rise. The girls were excited! It was one of those precious moments I want to hold on to we ran outside to see this ... 
 KATE took a huge gasp enjoying the view saying "mommy sun mommy".. It brought me to tears telling the girls our GOD is bigger than this ocean, our God is the beautiful writer of our story and he's with us EVERY step of the way! He has big plans for me and my family and I have to trust him every step of the way even when it gets so hard....  this beautiful sunrise is a reminder of his HAND in my life! 

We all stood there in awe struck wonder and watched as the sun appeared brighter and brighter
I have all my hope in the one who created me JESUS 
This is one of my favorite songs that I just can't get enough of lately 

Whatever storm or waters you are walking through our God's hand is pointing us in the right direction ahead It's just our job to turn to him and follow him! 

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