Friday, November 22, 2013


The last few months, I've no self -control on eating ... it's been whatever I see I must eat mentality. It's taken a tool on my body...I ain't no spring chicken anymore able to stuff my face with anything I want.   With the help of a friends suggestion, I decided to do a 3 day detox cleanse ... I asked Scott if he wanted to join and he jumped right on board. It helped but not in the way I thought it would. The first day it was exciting experiencing the new smoothie taste! The cleanse is broken down into 3 to 4 daily smoothies, multivitamin, probiotic, omega 3, and a hot Epsom salt lavender bath.  The morning smoothie was refreshing strong flavors of bananas and raspberries with a hint of almond butter finish, Lunch, I thought was nice too, strong flavors of cucumber and pineapple, now the dinner "was not my favorite" an Armstrong saying we say when we don't like it! The dinner on was darker berry but spicy with cayenne pepper and It felt thicker to get down then the other two shakes but you were pretty hungry by then you had to eat something. One my favorite things about the cleanse was the nightly bath.. nothing like winding down the day with relaxing hot lavender smelling bath it helped you sleep like a  baby! The first day was a lot of sharing with Scott about the reviews, about how its helped others, and checking in one another to see how we're feeling!  We were excited thinking it might just give us the pep we need to boast our days. Second day was the hardest for me, I was starving! I wanted to eat everything I had my eyes on ... my stomach was constantly growling with hungry pains. But Scott as my big cheerleader said you can do it ..only one more day!  The third day I was waiting for a huge grand final ,,, feeling like I could run a 5k because I would be bursting with energy from all the healthy foods I had been pouring into my body. Unfortunately, only to report I felt drained and tired, my thought process was slow, and I actually didn't want the last day of smoothies I had lost my appetite for them.Scott and I felt the same forcing down the last smoothie last night ... thinking did this really help? We did pull through and finished  and most importantly as a team.. we did it together!   I feel I'm still waiting for the grand finale but reflecting back now I do think it helped feeding my body with so much yummy veggies and fruits...really how could it not?  I'm sure I lost a few pounds which is always a nice bonus. It also gave our family a huge jump start to eating more healthy, the kids are super excited about smoothies now. 
But more importantly than that it reconnected Scott and I we were sharing a couple times a day our progress, encouraging each other on and just overall feeling on the same team again. Marriage is hard and especially with four kids pulling your attention elsewhere...and finding ways to connect can be even harder when your just plain worn out. This helped put our main focus back to one another as it should be instead being constantly pulled into our own separate ways. Even though, I wasn't running to the bathroom every second of the day like I thought I was going to be and didn't get that HUGE burst of  energy. I did get to share in some great time with my loving husband which really in the scheme in life is much more important than anything to me!  This cleanse just didn't clean out our bodies but cleaned off the cobwebs of healthy communication with my marriage. Love is stirring... and has entered into the air again! 

Here is the link if your interested in doing this cleanse 

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