Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween 2013

I never knew Halloween was one of my favorite holidays until I had children. I loved to dress up as a child but it's even more fun to relive it through my kids. I remember when I was little my mom and I had matching clown outfits we found from a garage sale... I swear I was a clown for MANY years after that just because my mom didn't want to spend the money on new costumes each year. Well, I guess you can say I didn't want that for my kids... I wanted them to have the enjoyment of dressing up each year.  Since the twins were born we have fully embraced this holiday, not the scary ghost and goblins but the dressing up, pumpkins and good time with friends. 
I did some digging and found the last few years of costumes ... 
pretty funny looking back through them.

Our first Halloween as a family of 4
Only 3 weeks old the twins were peas and carrots 
Scott and I looking rough with lack of sleep 
We also went to a Halloween party that year ...
right next door as DEAL OR NO DEAL 
Remember the game show? ( actually on in the background) 
 My brother in law dressed up as a women...was definately hilarious!

Howdy from Cowboy and Cowgirl twins
They were just a year old.

It was one of my favorite costume the twins were the cutest chicks. 
This also marks the first year of our Halloween Party with the same 4 families...
the only year missing the group shot

The Royal Family 
We were King, Queen, Princess Ahora and a Knight 
Poor Parker got sick with the flu and couldn't trick or treat.
The group missing Parker 

This cutie came into the picture, Jonas' first Halloween 
Isn't he the cutest lion ever?! 
 Brooke -Cinderella, Parker-Incredible, Jonas-Lion Scott and I -Doctors 

Scott -Pumpkin, Parker-Dark Vador, Jonas-spider, Kate- Ballerina Me-Witch
This year marked the fun tradition that my family started of sending a package of costumes to surprise the kids on what they will be for Halloween. It's such a fun idea as the kids get so excited and they are much better costumes than I would buy. Plus it takes away the changing of the kids minds over and over.
 Our group of 5 families total has multiply in size.  

Go Gators! 
This is one costume Scott enjoyed being as he's the big gator fan... 
pretty nice of my family to send a package of gator gear even though they are Tennessee fans. 
The traditional group picture 

This year it was a Toy Story Halloween! 
I think is was a winner ... everyone opened up the package and screamed a loud "YES" 
Everyone fit the personality of the characters too except Kate as Bo Peep was grumpy about her hat and kept throwing it off ... so funny as you can see it right next to the planter on the steps. We had to call her princess Bo Peep as she wanted to be a princess... gotta love 2 year olds. But this year she fully had the trick or treating down except wanting to eat every piece of candy right when she got it. 
 This marked our 6th year of celebrating with our friends and family. 
Can you tell Scott LOVES being Mr. Potato head ... such a good sport! 
Mimi as fork in the road costume and  Princess Bo Peep  
Indian Aunt Allee and Princess Bo Peep Kate
It's a group shot as the kids have gotten so big... the years are in fast forward and need to hang on to these fun times while I can because before you know it they will be going trick or treating on their own.. Yikes
I'm just thankful I have little ones to slow down the older kids.
I think we are known for our love of Halloween ... we embrace it and enjoy the dressing up, eating chili with friends and trying to get a decent group shot of the kids without too many meltdowns.  

 Now what to do with four HUGE bags of candy!? 
To infinity and beyond ... until next year! 

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