Tuesday, November 5, 2013


"I don't even know where to begin?" is the normal beginning when I haven't posted in a long time. It's true... the avalanche of the busy life has consumed me once again. All those busy things of greater importance take time away from reflection and sharing. I have so much to share... about once a week I think " that was so awesome, I wish I had time to share on my blog" or God gives me such a great little story I want to share so more people can have a taste of him, or I think WOW this is so hard and difficult and just feel defeated and need to let people know you're not alone in your walk on this earth. So many highs and lows these past few months... it's been yet another roller coaster ride. Yes I feel the phrase "I don't even know where to begin?" pretty much sums it up. It's time to come out from the covers of busyness and face the stuck feeling I have dealing with. We all moms and wives struggle with it ... in some kind of form. But I know for FACT God didn't put me on this earth to be quiet and not share! He has given me a passion to communicate and to share what he is doing whether it be good or bad. I love to CONNECT with people ... I love loving them right where they are, I love understanding people on why they operate the way they do, I love stopping anything and listening, I love the HIGH I get from the people and relationships I have around me. With that passion I love sharing what it is that God is teaching me while connecting to the relationships he has around me.  That love of connection is what always brings me back. So, I'm trying again to shift the priorities... for some reason a blog seems to keep me accountable ... focusing on 1. God 2. Husband 3. Children 4. Extended family....the four main things I like to talk about more than anything! So, here we go again... help me to get on the bandwagon of blogging again. Let my words be glorifying to God and may he use me wherever he sees fit.  A place of reflection and sharing the events in our life plus a fun stamp left here on earth for my sweet little ones to read... which is fun when I do catch my sweet Brooke going to our blog to watch our adoption video over and over. 

You know I can't leave you without a fun picture
This is one of my new favorites! 
Seriously, a miracle all 4 kids smiling and looking at the camera... a little blurry but really nothing is perfect!

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