Friday, July 6, 2012

A Full Day of Fun

 Kate Turned ONE!  
 Last Sunday, we had a great day celebrating our littlest! 
Brooke woke up at the crack of dawn ran into our room ready to start the family traditions. 
Then Parker and Jonas jumped into our bed, they couldn't wait... excited for Kate's big day! We quickly grabbed the video camera and all walked into the room singing Happy Birthday to our little Kate. She didn't know what was going on standing in her bed with her big blue eyes thinking what in the world. 
We all quickly got dressed and headed to breakfast. Kate had her first chocolate chip pancakes.
Funny comment from Parker ... after we ordered our food I said "Kate is going to be in Heaven" talking about how much she's going to love them. Parker said with his sad voice "She going to Heaven?"
 Oh how gullible he can be...reminds me of someone:)  
 She was in Heaven and enjoyed every bite!   
YUM pancakes!
 Mama and the birthday girl ... yes still loves to blow bubbles 
It's funny we saw the same waitress there for our 8th different birthday breakfast celebration there.
She has watched our kids grow up and remembers the twins first.  
Our next event was at the community pool
Another tradition, our fourth time celebrating at the pool. 
 I do think Kate looks like Brooke in this picture. 
Her Sweet Gigi at 92 years strong! She's just amazing 
can you tell where she got her blue eyes from?  
That smirk is up to something ...
oh ya blowing water and making noises with her Gigi 
After a few hours of swimming, Kate didn't want to get out of the water. 
She loves going up and down the stairs... made it to the third one
 She has no fear loving to go under in the water. I see swim lessons very soon 
Her and Pops enjoy a boat ride around the pool. 
We tried to stick to having only a few friends 
Kate had twin brothers come play
Next up was cupcake time...
She was ready to dive in 
 Her first touch  

MMMM she says and shoves it all in... 
she cleared the tray leaving only crumbs and an icing smeared face 
 she had some help from her brothers and sister.
 Another Tradition we have is the kids pick out one gift.
This year they took such pride in their gift and couldn't wait for Kate to open them.
They were a perfect symbol of what they all like.. Jonas was a bubble machine which he loves
Brooke's was a leap frog little puppy that sings she can sleep with.
 Parker got her a farm track, he was so cute he opened the box and read the instructions and set it up and showed her exactly how to do it and she listened to every word very careful.
She caught on quickly as was able to do it, he was so proud. He said "I knew I got her the perfect gift"
Later that evening the night continued with a firework fourth of July celebration in the neighborhood.
I think one of the perks of having your birthday near the fourth.
The kids prepare their ears for the loud booms 
Parker is very excited! 
 Kate barely made it... cuddled in my arms with heavy eyes 
enjoying every big firework in the sky not even scared. I told her they were for her. 
Oh how my sweet baby is getting big slowly turning into an independent toddler. 
I'm going to miss this past year of babyhood ...just trying to brace myself for what's ahead of getting into everything phase. Any chance I get I'm going to hang on to the snuggles and wide mouth kisses.  
 It was a full day of celebrating this precious child!
We love you so much Kate Allee 
You are the perfect caboose to this family! 

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