Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flashback Friday

It's hard to believe this time last year... 
we were about to have a baby!
 A sweet miracle baby girl that we can't imagine life without. We were given a  low percentage of ever having children on our own without help. It was so shocking to know God had given us this gift after praying for so many years. Looking back now it all makes sense the whole journey from invitro, then adoption, to a sweet surprise. It was a journey that I wouldn't change any part of it even the extremely hard parts. The pits and valleys changed me for who I am today. I even miss the journey, the part where I was totally surrender to God trusting him wholehearted. If you would have asked me that I would miss the hardships I would have laughed but I do.  I want to encourage those out there that struggle with infertility ... don't give up HOPE. God hears your prayers and he will answer them in HIS time. He has the better plan and usually it doesn't look like what we think it should.  
Which honestly, we don't want it too, we want it to reflect his image which makes for a much more beautiful story! If you ever need encouragement to see Jesus in the face of your difficulty with having children... I'm here! 
Whenever someone shares their struggles my heart yearns for them... it pulls on a heart strings dear to me. I think one of the deepest desire God gives us women is to be a mother. Once that yearning has been turn on within us there is no stopping it. It's a full flood gate of emotions that can control your thoughts but you need to allow those to be channeled to the Lord so it doesn't become your idol as it did for me. For you that are struggling hang tight, open the bible let God speak loudly to you and pray like crazy! 
 We will reveal his plan and what a beautiful plan it will be!  
Today, I celebrate HOPE and the miracles that have been given to me!  
This time last year I sat and waited on the longest day ever but it was the fastest year ever! Kate turns ONE tomorrow! 
Take a look at this big mamma a year ago I posted this ... 

Today has been the LONGEST day ever! The kids and I tried to find something to do to kill our time. After two playgrounds and a quick swim this morning I still find myself looking at my watch thinking today is going sooo slow:) We are ALL excited about tomorrow... it's the big day that God brings another little girl into this world. What picture would fit today's embrace the camera better than one of me and just the PB&J gang. 
 Poor Lucky our dog as he knows something is up and has been acting strange all week. He knows he's moving down the totem pole one more notch. He's going to have one more child to protect and more food to clean up off the floor... maybe he's resting up for his big responsibilities.  
One last picture before Scott ran into work this morning. I promise I won't be posting again without new pictures of Sunshine. 
Wish us luck and I'll be back soon:) 

So, I'll be back this time with pictures of Kate's first birthday! 
Today, I rejoice being here on this earth enjoying these precious miracle gifts I have been given!  One thing I do know, is that every child created is truly a miracle and one we shouldn't take for granted! 

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