Monday, July 9, 2012

Celebrating America's Birthday

Did you know it was the 236th birthday of America? 
One thing I love about Americans we know how to celebrate.
 It could be one of my favorite holidays warm weather, watermelon, fire works, picnics, no school, summer time, and just the over all laid back feeling. It's not a stressful holiday it's a day of relaxing.
Well, that is actually what we did and this fourth of July was a fun one! 
Most the locals around here head to the beach for the fourth but we had never done it before. 
We usually stay close to home and watch the fireworks from there. 
Our fun friends invited us over to stay with them and enjoy in their annual beach vacation. 
With all the loud noises and late nights be decided to keep Kate at home with the grandparents. 

We had some good QT with the PB&J trio

 Fourth of July Night 
I do think this picture could be from a Gap magazine just so many cuties in their festive outfits.  
There was lots of friends to enjoy and new faces to meet. 
These girls are from Brooke's dance class which after a few days hangin 
Brooke is ready for dance and gymnastics in the fall  
Double trouble or really is it? 
Who do you really think the trouble is... 
"What mom? don't get sand all over me?"
"Oops... too much fun not to tackle my buddy and make him belly laugh!" 
Even all sandy these boys are just too cute! 
I love this picture! Could be one of my favorites.
 Makes a momma's heart melt to see them so happy together and making memories. 
These two are just so special celebrating their 1st generation as Ethiopian Americans. 
Even the moms got a picture together ... miracle.
The rest of the night was with yummy barbecue, birthday cake, an amazing firework display, 
some scared kids,  the whole beach filled with fireworks, little bugs that bite,  late night kids dance party, 
and a late night game of name that tune. 
It was a FUN time, one that we didn't want to end. 
Thanks friends for having us and including us in your festivities!

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How sweet It is said...

That group shot of the kids could definitely be a GAP ad! So cute!