Thursday, July 12, 2012

Better in Two's

Two different times, I took two different kids to Sea World. 
One of the perks of having season passes and living in sunny Florida. 
The first trip was the twins where Parker mapped out our entire day of when and 
what shows we will watch. Brooke and I just went along... he is a huge map guy actually he still has the map in his room for his next trip. He was for sure NOT going to see Shamu for some reason the kid have never loved the show but he really enjoys the dolphin show. 
A hit for Brooke was the Pets ahoy dog/cat show.... she is a huge cat lover. 
This is us at the dolphin Show 
Next trip was today with the Little's... Jonas and Kate. 
Jonas again another map guy and knew exactly where he wanted to go first... the Shamu show! 
He was so excited! There has been many ads on TV about Shamu and every time he says " I want to see him mommy" his dream came true as he was awe struck the entire time. 
He almost threw a fit because he wanted to sit in the front row! 
Kate too was frozen on my lap pointing (for the first time) at every whale that jumped in the air. 
Even though the boys are both map lovers they have completely different places they wanted to go. 
Funny too that both were the leaders in the decision making...we'll see if this is something that stays true. 
Each day was completely different but both will be one I will cherish the same! 
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Heidi said...

Hey we have the same name!

So cute that your two little men are map readers. Sounds like you had a great time!

Alexis said...

Sounds like so much fun! I am jealous of being able to live so close and go when you have time!