Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day

After every bad day there is always a good one right around the corner! 
My hubby came to my rescue trying his hardest to spoil me on Mother's day. Telling me encouraging words and really uplifting my spirits... sometimes that is all we need is just to know someone thinks we're doing ok and believe we can do it. We got away with our dear friends to the beach  for less than 24 hours. It was just what I needed to sit back watch my beautiful children play and enjoy the beach. Plus a little vitamin D, a cool sea breeze, yummy crawfish, children laughing, and good quality time with our friends. 
What more could I ask for!

The twins thought Mother's day was all weekend long of course I let them believe that.. On Friday morning, they feed me breakfast in bed without anyone suggesting it. Brooke was the ringleader telling the boys what to do! They delivered all their homemade cards, apple juice, a cup of hot tea and a chocolate donut. I think someone got hungry on the way bringing me the donut .. too funny!
My heart melted my kids are just so thoughtful showering me with their genuine love!  
Parker turned on the TV to the Today show, where we all four kids cuddled in bed with me while enjoying my half eaten donut. Just priceless! I think to myself, I am doing a good job with your children Lord they definitely know the meaning of LOVE! Saturday morning, was another homemade gift Jonas made at school. He was so proud, after he realized the gift was for me not him. It was a picture of his hand print, so sweet really my 1st gift from him on Mother's day. I got teary eyed just thinking I get to be his mom..God choose me out of every mom in this world I get to be this precious child's mom! I get choked up looking deep into his eyes thinking his biological mom is watching over me caring for him and loving him so much.
 I hope I make her proud!
Jonas and his buddy Haben at the beach

Thank you for making my dreams come true Parker, Brooke, Jonas and Kate!

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Dr. Ann said...

Love the pictures and the posts Heidi - your kids are so sweet! Happy (belated) Mother's day.

Mycharmingcolors said...

Looks like you had the sweetest of mothers day :-)