Monday, May 21, 2012

The Rental

It's been almost two months in our rental, still no luck on finding a house yet. It seems every opportunity we're given the door is slamming in our face. Yes, slamming just as we're about to make a move on a house the next day it's going sale pending. I really don't understand when they say the housing market is flooding with houses and great deals ... it's not proving very true here locally. It's been a very frustrating ride but know it will be worth the wait... it's just the meantime that is difficult. But isn't "the meantime" always when we learn the most when we don't even realize it? Just as every season, I'm sure this time is no different. One great thing we're learning in the meantime is enjoying the outdoors more. The kids have come across some pretty cool wildlife here. We are living on a small lake which attracts all kinds of creatures.  Besides the non stop eating mosquitos and lovely Florida cockroaches there has been... 
white cranes and egrets strolling through the front yard 

 we have seen hundreds of tadpoles turn into frogs
 Two huge white geese that love to hang out on the playground 
We were leaving for a soccer game when Brooke quickly notice a peacock in our front yard. 
Kate enjoys watching the older kids search for new discoveries.  
There has been some pretty dirty kids around here lately, climbing trees, putting feet in the lake, catching lizards, digging in the dirt, chasing squirrels and naming them all...Grumpy and Bubbles are the two main squirrels that live in the front yard...  all the fun outdoor kids things we grew up doing.  
Just this morning we heard and saw a wood pecker too. 
I guess that is part of  "the meantime season" is stopping to enjoy just right where God has you and not focusing on what's next or we will miss all the good beautiful things around us! 

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Jessica said...

Love this post! So many good and beautiful things around us.