Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1st Soccer Season

This spring Parker has played his very first season of soccer.
Scott is on cloud nine that his son is finally starting sports. I think almost every dad's dream.
 He took him shopping to get his first shin guards, cleats and socks. 
Great father and son bonding time! They have been so cute together sharing in this precious time. 
Scott was thrilled and never missed a practice even coached the very first game. 
Overall, the season was a good one.  Parker didn't have much experience like the other boys on his team but he was always running after the ball trying his hardest. He was proud every time he kicked the ball then he would  look over and wave so happy we were cheering him on.
I'm proud of him for his positive attitude never complaining about practice or games. 
 I think that is what winning is all about having a good attitude even when it's difficult. 
This Saturday is his last game he hasn't scored a goal yet but there is still a chance but 
really, he's already scored one with me. 

Way to Go Parker! 
It's going to be fun to see his abilities only grow stronger inside and out. 

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