Monday, May 7, 2012

10 Months Old

Our sweet Kate turned 10 months old last week.
 When I took her pictures I couldn't believe how much she looked like the twins. Most people say she looks just like Brooke but I do see a lot of Parker... who do you think she looks like? 
She finally has gotten her two bottom teeth which helps her actually chew her food instead of swallowing it whole. The girl likes to eat everything in sight, by far my best eater. If there is nothing on her tray then she is fussing until she gets more. She now eats everything we eat and sometimes more.
Her favorite is any carbs she can get her hands on, gone in a few seconds flat. 
Last week she found the dog food and stuffed about 6 pieces in her mouth 
so she's really not a picky eater at all! 
If she's not paying attention then she will stand on her own for a few seconds. She loves to hold on to your fingers while she walks, defiantly hit the stage of wanting to be on the go. 
Our snuggle bug loves to cuddle and play with your hair it's like her blanket rubs it for comfort,
just so sweet. It was fun to take their pictures in the same outfits at 10 months.
Parker and Brooke at 10 months
Our ham... Jonas at 10 months 
KaTee  girl 
Gotta love Brooke's cheese in this picture.
Jonas ... cutie pie 

 Wow, God has blessed me with some cute kids! 
Lord help me to savior every precious moment of cuteness because before I know it ... it will be gone! 


Aunt Susan said...

I think Miss Kate looks like both Parker and Brooke. I love these pics. I miss them so much!

Jon y Amy said...

Oh my. When I first saw her picture without reading the rest of your post, I thought, "She looks SOOOOO much like the twins!" It is cute to see them all wearing those same sweet. God knew you would need each of those outfits again! ;)