Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Snapshot

Our snapshot of Easter! made by Aunt Allee 
Allee my sister came to spend the day with us! What a blessing it is to have her so close... I need to enjoy it while I can as she only has one more year left of school and who knows where God is going to take her. 
I think God has some really big plans for her in the mission field.
 So exciting to able to watch God prepare her for what he has planned ahead. 

Oh there is never a dull moment with our little Jonas, Easter wasn't any different. 
It was the typical Easter hunt, all the kids take off running to find the eggs hidden in the yard. All the others on a mission to find the most eggs but not Jonas .. he was focused on one thing only...CANDY!
He found the first egg and as quick as he picked up the egg it was riped opened and thrown on the ground.
   He then would scream,dying laughing, saying Candy, no way really Candy! Really he thought it was the funniest thing ever and so did all the rest of us as we all were dying laughing too. He was just so funny!  All the while the other kids had their Easter basket half full .. Jonas was stuck on the one egg and ready to just enjoy it. He had no concept the more eggs you found the more candy you would have. 
So, he moved on to find two more eggs and was the happiest kid in the world
with just three eggs and three pieces of candy. 
Oh how I wished I had this video taped as you would be just dying of laughter seeing how happy Jonas was to find his eggs. 
  Really a little lesson we could all learn is to just enjoy each gift that is given.. really isn't that was Easter is all about being thankful for the one who gave his gift of life for us. 
Oh Jonas you get it and don't even know it yet! 
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Brit said...

Adorable story! Aren't kids amazing and fun ;) Thanks for sharing. Newest follower.

Gerry said...

It is a joy to catch up with your family. I worked with Scot at the Arnold Palmer Invitational several years ago and he shared this blog with me. I lost track of the address but got it back from Ryan Stead just this past week. My but your Jonas is growing into a special young man. Please say hello to Scot.
God Bless you all!!
Gerry De Jong