Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Someone got a haircut? 
Yes, while I was packing boxes one day Scott took Jonas for a haircut. 
I thought just a little trim but instead he got a School Boy Cut... aka a total shave! 
I was so shocked when he walked in the door and
yes almost cried because he didn't look like the same kid at all! 
So grown up ... were did my cute fuzzy head little boy go?
 He turned into a sophisticated little boy where you could see every facial expression he makes.
His dimples looked bigger and those eyebrows were moving with every word he speaks.
His whole face just lights up now and melts my heart even more! 

Along with his new haircut being cute, it is super super easy!!
 In this picture, I feel like I can totally see him in the years ahead and 
see what he will look like when he's older.
 Oh what a lady killer he's going to be! 
Watch out ladies our little J-Man is going to be charmer.

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Jessica said...

Oh my sweet, cute boy! He's always super cute, but I miss those little curls. The dimples make up for it though.