Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Last week we had the honor of watching one of our best friends bring home their baby girl ADA. 
It was a celebration with tons of family and friends witnessing such a great homecoming!  
With the last few weeks dragging on for them, she is finally with her forever family where she belongs. 
All the kids waiting patiently .. welcoming Ada 
 Lyla (on the far left) with her friends waiting to meet her new baby sister 
 the moment has arrived where the boys meet their baby sister for the 1st time!

She is just beautiful with her soft sweet curls and big beautiful brown eyes! 
If I could arrange a marriage I would! 

The rush of emotions burst out when she sees her mom 
 The new family of 6! Welcome to the club:) 
What a blessing it's been to watch our friends go through this process. It was such a huge leap of faith to trust in God and follow his calling.They trusted and God provided everything along the way. It was this time last year they sat in our living room telling us the news they wanted to adopt and asked us every question you could think of. They knew it was the next right step for them! I was like a kid in a candy store doing the happy dance all over the living room after they left that night!  I was just so excited!!  You almost want to pinch yourself thinking we are going to share in such a great bond having children from Ethiopia together. Our children were already so close and this is going to bring them even closer. Were in this journey together and just so thankful we have them to share it with! With a few other friends now in the process we are going to have such a beautiful group of families here!   I was looking back at this time last year we were welcoming home another precious child.

One year ago today sweet Haben came home to join the group. 
You can read about his homecoming here 
 This is Haben waiting at the airport for Ada. 
Oh how I could go on and on about how sweet this boy is!
I'm in love! 
I'm so lucky to be able to call him my God Son, Welcome one year home Haben
 I am so blessed to be able to be a part of your life and watch you grow!
I wonder if being on the other side of this homecoming brings back any memories for him? For all our children to see homecomings, I know it pulls on their hearts and hopefully they will keep seeing them happen for years and years ahead. 

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Jessica said...

Love this post!! Love seeing all those sweet kiddos. I hope we have many more homecomings to attend too.