Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fond Blanc, Haiti

In 5 short weeks our small group has been able to find almost all 42 children sponsored families which give me goose bumps to see how God has been moving to provide for these children!We only have 4 children left that need a family.  Our group leader Audrey wrote this wonderful post I just had to share... read below and also please check our the blog to follow along in this journey with us!  

All Four One

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Most of us know The Lord’s Prayer by heart and can recite it without giving it much thought.  But as I sat down to write this post, I couldn’t help but repeat it over and over in my head and hear a new emphasis on a few of the words.
Our Father“:  We, too, are orphans but have graciously and lovingly been adopted by God.  He loves us more than any earthly father could which I admit was a hard concept to grasp until I became a parent myself.  Until then I had never fully understood the depth and intensity of the love a parent has for a child. To know He feels that way about us–times infinity–is still a little unfathomable.
“Your will be done”: We are not meant to be spectators; we are meant to be doers. This may mean taking risks, making sacrifices, and experiencing discomfort.  I realize that’s not exactly the best motivational speech.  And for someone who has an agenda for almost everything (I even had one for my husband’s and my Date Night last week– there were just too many things to discuss that we hadn’t had time for lately!), it can be very difficult to put my agenda aside and trust that God’s plan be fulfilled, not my own.  More often than not His looks nothing like mine–and that is a good thing.
“On earth”: Even as Christians, it can be a struggle to know our purpose in life or discern God’s will for us.  But all details aside, in the biggest sense of the picture, God made us to be Him on this earth.  That means loving, forgiving, caring, healing, supporting, encouraging, lifting up and going out.  Obviously, we can’t be Him. We’re flawed. We’re (very) imperfect.  We’re human.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t even try.
It’s been almost six weeks since our first team returned from Haiti and only five since we started sharing with you about the children of Fond Blanc.  The adventure has just begun yet already so many of you have committed to caring for them, sponsoring them and “adopting” them into your families.  God’s will IS being done, on earth, in Haiti, in our lives and yours.
We have four sweet kids left that still need sponsors–two boys and two girls.  They are tweens and young teenagers.  For all of us who remember what that stage of life was like, if we haven’t blocked it out of our memory, then you’ll remember the importance of positive and encouraging relationships especially with those of adults.
The relationships you build with your sponsored child(ren) will mean more to them than you will ever know.  Yes, food is critical.  Shelter is a necessity.  Safety is, without question, a must.  But these young men and women need more than that.  They need words of encouragement, hope, LOVE. They need to know there are people out there that care about them, that God loves them, that we love them, and that no matter what we will not let them fall.
Joseph Beneland Deshommes
Joseph Deshommes
Jean Modeline
Jean Modline
Fransoise Blanc
Fransoise Blanc
Fredo GedeFredo Gede
If you are interested in sponsoring one of these children or have questions about sponsorship, please e-mail us at fondlyblanc@gmail.com. You can also visit an older post for more details.
Or email me heidi7077@gmail.com

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