Thursday, March 15, 2012


 It seems appropriate to do embrace the camera with my man this week as we just got back from a relaxing few days away. One huge perk with a husband that travels a lot for a living is you sometimes get the opportunities to piggyback on a trip. This was one of those times, he had an event in Puerto Rico and I was able to escape for a few days before to enjoy some sun and relaxation. It had been almost two years since Scott and I had time away for a mini vacation. More than ever did we need it! I cherished every minute and was sad to see each moment quickly going by!  Just to have time to think, feel, and read ... i felt as if I was my own person without the label of mom.
 To be just a wife pouring into each other catching up on our busy lives. 
I highly recommend it for every couple out there! You start to clearly see why you married the man you did and see the love that flows out as much as it can with 4 kids to balance at home. Don't get me wrong we're not perfect and boy do we have struggles, but were human. 
Two complete opposite people trying to just love one another the best we can. 
I'm just so thankful for him and our marriage! 

In the town Old San Juan 
Hiking through the Rain Forrest 
We hiked to the very top of the mountain where we were walking in the clouds 
Seeing the many beautiful waterfalls   
Out to dinner having a traditional Puerto Rican Meal 
It was great to escape the hectic life we live and step back to see the many blessings we have in our life. It's really amazing how God has carried us through so much together . While I was away I also could drown myself into a book. Which I'm one of those people that once I start one I get obsessed to finish it.  This book was one, I just couldn't put down as I hung on each word feeling the veil being lifted to see God and how he has overflowed my cup! It helped me to see the beauty in the small things, to slow down enjoying the beautiful God moments we have everyday. But most of all living a life of gratitude is something I want more than anything! If I died tomorrow, I would want people to know me as thankful!
While it's a slow transformation to turn the complaints into pure thankfulness for the abundance we live in everyday.
It's a process I want to try to do more of!
 So, lets take time out in the day to take a deep breath in and be thankful for that breath we just took!
I know one thing I was thankful for this escape away, what a beautiful gift it was! 

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Wendy said...

Looks fabulous! And you are so right, it is so important to find a way to just be "wife" and not "mom" even if its only for an evening! You two are gorgeous couple!

The Pendrak's said...

You look AMAZING! What a wonderful get away and time for just you and marriage :)