Friday, March 16, 2012

3rd Annual ....

Daddy Daughter Dance 
1st year 
2nd year 

This year 

I can not tell you how much Brooke looks forward to this every year. 
Months before hand she is asking "when is the daddy daughter dance?" 
She is a romantic at heart and loves every part of dressing up including keeping her dress a secret until she walks down the stairs. She gets ready like a teenagers wanting to curl her hair, paint her toe nails, put on mama's lip gloss.. if we did it the year before she remembers and wants it again. This year I surprised her with a gold locket and purse.She had said she wanted the purse a month before, she was so shocked and appreciated it so much... melted my heart for her to be so thankful!  
By the end of the night she enjoyed it so much opening the locket so many times that it doesn't close now:) 
After this night she has a renewed crush on daddy, a bond shared in something that is just between them. 
A special night with the man in her life that loves her the most, he is someone that cherishes every year as much as she does.  Such a precious moment to cherish for all to see even the boys watching daddy care for his beautiful princess. 

The boys saying their goodbyes to their beautiful sister 
A snapshot of daddy taking both girls someday... 
Kate is going to just love being in this daddy&daughter club! 
Look at those eyes you can see who they get their blue eyes from! 

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