Saturday, December 10, 2011


Parker holds a special place in my heart being the first born (only by 11 minutes) and the 1st for me to lay eyes on... I was the happiest momma in the world. He is the one child I see the most in both Scott and I. He is a people pleaser and doesn't want to get in trouble. Getting in trouble has been really hard for him to handle. I think he thinks he honestly can be prefect all the time. I reassure him it's impossible, thank God!   I worry about him the most, I don't know little boys as naturally and how they operate. I have a soft spot in my heart for him as I struggle just like him.  I want to build up his self confidence. I want him to be prepared for disappointment when it comes his way... to be able to shake it off, to see it's given to build him stronger not defeat him.  I wish I could hold him and protect him from the world. He would have honestly loved to be an only child and he strives on the extra attention when it's just with him. He loves his alone time just playing for hours. He craves the one on one time when we can give it to him. His favorite line is "mommy what you want to talk about?" when I sit next to him. He's such a precious child, so handsome and funny. If he only knew all the amazing potential he has to offer believe me I tell him... he's focused, smart, loving and complicated just like us all. 

It's funny the mom instincts that come when you are given a child ...
each month I have something new God lays on my heart that I need to work on within all my children's needs. It's a never ending journey and always a work in progress. Hopefully with God's help he's going to grow into one amazing confident young man. 

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