Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Boys

The boys are bonding but I do have to say they struggle... Jonas adores Parker and looks up to him but Parker doesn't understand and wants his alone time playing with his toys without a pesty toddler bothering him. Everything Parker likes Jonas likes... I'm sure typical for boys their ages. I asked Jonas the other day "what do you want to be when grow up?" he said confidently "Cars 2!" doesn't really make sense but all he knows is that Parker is obsessed with Cars 2 so, he's wants to be it.  Just wanted you to know they are normal .. behind these cute pictures of them they are still a work in progress. but aren't we all?
We try to think of ways to build their relationship and know with patience it will come. They couldn't really be any more opposite which I do think will pay off when they are older. Their relationship has a lot of challenges but good healthy ones that will help mold them on who they become one day. 

I recently read a friend's blog post that gave me some wonderful insight... 
Sibling Rivalry Part I 
Sibling Rivalry Part 2 
Sibling Rivalry Part 3 
Sibling Rivalry Part 4 

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