Friday, December 9, 2011


Kate is now 5 months old and is starting to get on a good schedule,  taking two good naps a day, sleeping through the night from 8pm to 6am. She is  rolling over and sitting up ... yes sitting up... just crazy. Already teething wanting to chew on everything in sight. I have to say she is truly an easy baby. She didn't fuss once our entire 9 hour trip and back. All I have to do is look at her and she smiles... we are in love. I think she has a momma crush as i can instantly sooth her like no one else, which I can honestly say I love!  

Recently, she has shown being upset when going to strangers. Oh no! I just know we have a stage 4 clinger in the making but truly I'm at fault as I want to enjoy every second of this babyhood before it's gone. She falls in the perfect line for being a 4th spoiled child .. as I am the most relaxed with bending the rules with her. I hope she doesn't get too rotten ..  

Do you blame me? Look at her ... she is all I have dreamed of in a baby girl! 
Happy Friday!

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