Saturday, November 12, 2011

For The Record ...

Better late than never ... here's a few pictures from our fun Halloween night.  It was our 4th annual chili and trick or treating Halloween Party! We invited our neighbors and a few friends to join us. Our neighborhood is great for trick or treating because the houses are so close together. So everyone from everywhere comes and the sidewalks are packed with people. Which makes it feel like a big block party. All the neighbors sit on their front porch to pass out candy, very convenient for the kids. 

This year Kate was a ballerina, Jonas was a friendly spider, Brooke a snow princess and Parker Darth Vader, Scott was a pumpkin and I was a witch.


The gang all ready to head out ... 
 At the end of the night Brooke discovered how fun it was to pass out candy. She sat on the sidewalk handing out all her candy and some of Jonas' because we had ran out. I think she realized it's just as fun to give the candy as it is to get it. Who would have thought you could learn a good lesson on Halloween :)

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