Sunday, November 20, 2011


Last Saturday, I had a moment in the morning when I felt the walls coming down... really a mother's version of a tantrum. Where my mind starts racing and the overwhelming piles of things I can't get done kept flying through my mind or anxious thoughts about my children how I need to read a book to give me better tips how I parent them, and as a wife all the needs to help uplift my husband. It was a mile long list that I am never ever going to accomplish but somehow my mind still wants to go there. I know we all struggle with the demanding life we live... we are all busy and consumed with so many things that in the long run really don't matter and take our focus off the things that really do matter. Well, I had a perspective change that morning as I had a laundry list of "to do's" that just had to get done..
I had been stressing over all week.

The day before a friend of mine in our girls bible study was having surgery at exactly noon that we all prayed for a "Sun Stand Still" moment that the doctors would not find cancer during her lung biopsy. 
It was a pretty good God moment as we as a group were on our knees praying for a miracle without any word until Saturday morning.. I had been anxiously waiting to hear news when my friend texted me back ... "It is Cancer".  My heart sank and within a minute my mind shifted and my heart sank after i got off the phone with my friend... really? I thought... what in the world was I stressing about?? I came downstairs and the veil had been lifted and I could see clearly... I have one beautiful HEALTHY family and it's time to put the distractions aside and focus on what's important... the little blessings that are running around this house. We packed the car up with every outside toy, grabbed a picnic blanket, stopped by subway to get lunch and went to the neighborhood park. We ate lunch and played for hours and hours... the kids skipped their naps and we just enjoyed being together as a family. We all didn't want to leave.. it was just prefect. Thank you Lord for that perspective change to capture the moment you have given me on this earth ... we just don't know when life could take a change for the worse. 

Throughout the time I couldn't stop praying for my friend, a mother of three little children.  Oh how it breaks my heart but her strength is amazing and so inspiring to those all around her ... she is changing people lives all around her.. the light of Jesus is shining right through her.
 She is positive and very hopeful. God has big plans for her 
and all the people she is touching.
 Please join me in praying for her ... a complete healing of her body!  

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