Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthday Bash

This year for the twins birthdays, I let them have separate small birthday parties. I thought since being 5 it's a big year and why not do something a little more special for them? They already share so much it's time to let them bring out their individual personalities. They both wanted to help plan every detail. Brooke wanted a princess tea party. She invited 6 of her closest friends to dress up, she picked the invitations, cake, and decorations. We pulled out the great grandmother's china, made tea sandwiches, and set up fun activity stations which were nail painting, necklace making and face painting. 
Our family came for the special occasion and made the day so special!
Even wore crowns for the event  
The girls in their special princess dresses 
Birthday Cake Time! 
It was so fun to make your child feel so loved and special .. she was beaming all day ear to ear and appreciated every minute... later that night she told me it was one of her best days ever. 

Next was Parker's big day, he was originally the one who started the separate days as he's been begging to go play miniature golf (not putt putt by Parker's standards). He had gone the year before and was scared to go through the cave and boy he's talked about going back ever since. He wanted to conquer his fears and play golf through the dark haunted cave. 
 He decided on a lighting McQueen theme, cookie cake, 
and just father's and sons.  

The cave was a piece of cake with daddy by his side. 
Parker even got a hole in one on his special day
The cool golf dudes 
Parker blowing out his candles, sitting in the kings chair! He was loving all the extra royal treatment! Look who couldn't resist helping him blow out the candles:) It was a packed weekend with lots of fun memories... hopefully one they will never forget. 

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