Thursday, August 4, 2011


A few weeks ago was my big b-day, oh how it's not fun when you're in your 30's to add on another year. But whether I like it or's going to happen. It's just payback for all the years I made fun of friends in their 30's "don't ya feel old?" I would say. Now I'm there and yes I do feel old:) 
Why am I old you would ask? 
  • I can't handle loud music in my car, I used to say "I would never be a mom that doesn't listen to cool music blaring in the car" 
  • It's harder to multi task 
  • I have no idea what is in style to wear, I wear what is comfortable. 
  • I have no idea what movies are out or the new upcoming movie stars.
  • The nice spider vein on my legs 
  • I do love naps and feels my body gets much more tired than it used to and I'm out of breath just going up my stairs  
  • My creative mind has left me and been replaced with my daily duties of being a mama. 
  • I'm losing my ability to read from a distance:( 
  • Best of all, I have officially seen a gray hair growing in

Oh, but it is all worth it because look at these beauties I get to enjoy everyday. 

This year my mom decided to throw me a little party at her place.
 My sweet Mother in Law made me a yummy chocolate, chocolate cake...that we all enjoyed.  
It was a crazy lunch with all 4 kids out but we made it because Kate slept most the time... but Jonas was in rare form. 
Our sweet Gigi ( great grandmother ) came .. she's 91 doesn't she look amazing! 
My mom and Brooke enjoying their cake they shared. 
The day continued with a pedicure with Brooke. Then Scott came home that night with gifts, wine, and a movie. Perfect way to celebrate, just mostly thankful I have lived another precious year enjoying the life God has given me. 

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Jessa said...

I feel ya sister. Looks like a wonderful celebration!

Caitlin said...

Happy Birthday!