Friday, July 29, 2011

M. I. A.

Yes I have been MIA lately, just adjusting to having 4 kidos under the age of 4 1/2. It's been busy and truly the hardest new adjustment is trying to find any extra time to do things beyond resting, cleaning, laundry and entertaining the littles. It's a full around the clock job so blogging would come last on the list even though I miss it.
Today our sweet Kate turns 4 weeks old, I feel like I just blinked my eye and those 4 weeks flew by. I'm loving every minute of infant-hood the helplessness as they lay in your arms, the cuddling around the clock and gazing into her eyes for hours as she's  trying to figure out your facial features while you're studying every cute inch of their body... the smells of a fresh clean baby, the smell of good baby lotions:), her sweet noises, getting to choose her cute outfit everyday (Brooke's favorite), getting to feed her (as it's much easier this time than with the twins), enjoying her hiccups she gets about 3 times a day. I feel I know her cries and her sweet disposition. She is such a good baby...she only cries when she's hungry... Can you tell I'm in love? I get choked up just thinking how blessed I am to have this beautiful family that I have always dreamed of! I'm not going to lie they are hard work really the hardest work I have ever had to do but worth every minute of difficulty for the love that beams through our family. To see your children so in love with their baby sister is priceless... not one jealous bone in their body just pure joy and love for baby Kate. They ask the minute they get home how's Kate? Where is she? They want to hold her, kiss her, she is one lucky little girl to have older siblings to help look after her and adore her so much.  We are one close knit, woven together family that gets to share life together. It just melts my heart to know God trusted me with this beautiful family. Don't get me wrong it's not perfect and we have rough days just like everyone else but the good out ways the bad. 
So, in a nutshell we have been busy... even crazy busy where I feel I will never be able to meet all the kids needs, but keeping focus on all the good helps me through the tougher moments. It's just a season that will be gone before we know it.  Someday I will even miss all the loud noises, questions of why and where are u  going?, touching things we're not suppose too, not eating our food, eating markers or crayons, scared of going upstairs by themselves, forgetting to use the potty, and making a mess right after you pick up...these are the small things that can drive us nuts but somehow they will be the things we will miss when we're older. Oh what a journey it will be with these 4 that I'm sure there will never be a dull moment.

 These pictures were taken 2 days old in the hospital 

below...she has grown 4 weeks old today at 9 lbs 12 oz of pure cuteness

  It is hard to believe 4 weeks have passed but really it's a lifetime ahead to look forward too. 

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