Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Do you think that Brooke is ready for her little sister to get here? 
Poor Jonas was forced to dress in Brooke's bathing suit top at the beach. I think this picture could be used for future blackmail. He really does make a very cute little girl:)  I think we all are getting ready for our sweet sunshine to arrive (btw we are not naming her Sunshine as a few of you have asked, it's just her nickname:) We just got back into town .. let the laundry begin but the nesting has kicked in also.  If I put something away I seem to always just empty the drawer or area and re-organize it. I have been tearing up my house and putting it all back together again.. oh how it feels good to organize. 
Brooke is hanging on as she is just so excited to finally meet her little sister. 

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Teri Williams said...

That is too cute! He does make a pretty girl. Brooke is just practicing with Jonas.