Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Beach

 Most of you guessed it... we went to the beach for a nice full week of sun and water. There is a beach a little over an hour away that all the locals head too when they can. It was a prefect vacation with only one morning of rain and nonstop sunshine the rest of the time. We went with 5 other families which means Parker and Brooke never had a dull moment... they had so many friends to play with. Even Jonas had 4 friends around his age to play with.
 Everyone got along great, it truly is the best family vacation we have ever taken.
The last night after dinner, our only family picture ... I'm 9 months pregnant:) 
 Parker for the 1st two days was very nervous about the waves but then he quickly figured out they were fun to catch a wave on his boogie board...
then we couldn't get him out of the ocean.
 Brooke enjoyed catching all the sea creatures .. sand crabs, sand fleas, perrywikles, tiny water crabs, and small fish.. she would be busy for hours building her collection.
 Jonas liked the water and tried his best to hang with the big kids. He wasn't a huge fan of the sand but loved the ocean water and pool.
This is most of the kids we spent the week with... although we are missing a few in this picture. 

We are slowly getting settled back from our vacation but not for long as we have another small trip to take before baby Sunshine is here. I have loads to update you on as we have been busy bees around here... Stay tuned for many cute pictures to come... plus only 3 weeks away until our baby girl is here!
 I will be back next week with an update:)


Amy said...

So sweet! Love the pics.

Ashley said...

Great photos!---looking forward to seeing more & of news of your soon to arrive baby girl!

Aunt Susan said...

I love these pics, especially the family one. so happy for you all to have such a great vacation. love you all.....Aunt Susan

Kim said...

Great pictures!!