Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Some days you may not realize just how blessed you are. I guess that is why Hallmark made this holiday, to stop and appreciate the little things your parents do. I hope PB&J know that they are truly loved by their daddy. God choose one special person to be their dad.  There is nothing he wouldn't do for them, like looking up on the internet how to make the perfect paper airplane, taking them crabbing on the beach way passed their bedtime, making them their Saturday pancakes with some secret ingredient only the kids know about, building monster truck courses in the sand on the beach that all the kids can enjoy, taking the kids on long bike rides exploring new places, taking Lucky to the dog park to play hide n seek with our dog, doing what it takes to always get a smile or laugh, building homemade hot wheels race tracks, very proudly showing off his children to others around him, and my favorite always telling them "he loves them... more than you know". You know when you marry a man you really don't know how your husband will be as a father, well this man has exceeded my dreams. He truly is so hands on and such a great partner in raising our children. I couldn't do it without him and his support.  

We are all very blessed to have you. You're one awesome dad making a difference in our children's lives everyday! Happy Father's Day to the best DAD I know!