Friday, February 18, 2011

Nap Time

Yes, our kids all take naps STILL and let me tell you we have some awesome sleepers .. praise God! They need it and I like them! On the days I tell them they don't have to take a nap eventually you will see at least one of them sneak off into their bed for a nice snooze. I have been a lot more flexible with the twins lately on taking them but they are such creatures of habits they still want it. Some days it's nice not to have to make it back home to take naps if  Jonas gets a cat nap in the car, he's good all day which makes it fun when you're out and about having a good day. In return it's also very convenient when you're pregnant and wiped out and want to take a nap yourself. Plus there is nothing better then nap time snuggles with your kids in bed.  Sometimes our sweet Lucky dog stays in their room during nap time and he sneaks on the bed with Brooke. 
  He moved when he saw me come closer to hide his head because he didn't want me to tell him to get down.
Parker is our deep sleeper and cuddles in a ball 
Our sweet Jonas takes his passy only when he sleeps...he hands it to us right when we walk in the room...we didn't even teach him to do this. 
Besides his passy he sleeps always on top of his blanket usually cuddling with it as a pillow. 
Look at those feet are they the cutest?  I just LOVE his feet 
I don't know about your household but this one loves some good old nap time. 

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