Monday, February 21, 2011

Telling Family

When we were pregnant with the twins we had special ways of telling everyone that we were pregnant. It was so fun telling people we were pregnant and having them screaming with excitement, then we would get them next with having twins and they would freak out even more. It was priceless and everyone was shocked. Then with Jonas we had a family dinner to tell them, again shocked but so excited.

For this baby we decided to wait until Thanksgiving to tell all of Scott's family. I wanted to tell them quickly as I didn't think I could hold it in for very long, plus I felt I was already showing and didn't want them to get suspicious. Scott had thought of a fun game kind of like scrabble.  He said "We are starting a new family tradition and whoever looses has to do the dishes. We will divide into teams...Scott's Parents on one side and sister/ brother in law on the other side." Everyone was up to a game and ready to go. Each team got an identical stack of cut out letters and were instructed to spell out a 2 word phrase. It was a little more difficult than we thought as neither team was able to unscramble the words.. Then we gave a clue, the 1st word starts with an "H". OK the minds started to turn and team sister/brother in law got HEIDI. The next word was a little tougher and took them a few minutes, but my father in law pulled through with his eyes HUGE looking at me .. slowly spelling P... R....E...G...N....A...N....T .. Within a second of my mother in Law figuring it out she SCREAMED loud... so loud the kids upstairs came running, Brooke and Parker were crying as they thought someone was hurt... haha.  They didn't know what was going on then we told them and I still don't think they understood. 

Everyone else did and were blown away by God's big surprise. The rest of the day we celebrated as we had a ton to be thankful for. There is not many chances in life to pull off a good surprise but when there is we love it. 
Even though this is old news it's one worth sharing for our sweet little Sunshine to hear. I hope you have a good Monday. 

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