Thursday, February 17, 2011


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 We actually got a whole family shot this weekend for our Embrace the Camera today! 

Our family loves festivals! Any Saturday there is one going on we like to catch it. It's fun for the whole family plus we are blessed with some amazing weather that makes them even more fun. Last Saturday was a double hitter. 1st was the the annual Paws in the Park for all  the dog lovers (which we are.) Unfortually we don't take our dog as he's just so big and doesn't get out much so he would be CRAZY. It's downtown around a beautiful lake... everyone walks their dog around, lots of pet vender's, and a few dog contest on stage. Brooke is really our animal lover she said "ahh" to me about 100 times.. I think she could take them all home.

Proud Daddy 
Twin Lovin 

Watching the dog contest 

  After a wonderful lunch at a new spot in town we headed over to the Folk festival. There was art and crafts for the kids, fun folk music that reminds me of NC, and some yummy kernel corn which Jonas loved.
P and B painting on a fence 
Jonas' 1st time having kernel corn and he loved it couldn't get enough
Mama and her boys 
It was a wonderful day together as a family.These are the days, it's just a gift to be a parent and stand back to enjoy your children to see them enjoy life through their eyes. Their excitement is endless and joy is so contiguous.  I love the feeling of  being complete when we are all together... it's warmth on my heart. I wish Daddy could be home everyday as he just makes our life so much brighter! 


JJ said...

Oh my goodness,those are 2 festivals that our family would LOVE. We are HUGE DOG lovers. During the summer (because winters in WI are just crummy) we usually go to the amazing farmer's market not to far away on saturday mornings where they have live music, awesome fresh fruits and veggies grown locally, and it's just awesome to walk around as a family. And another plus is that daddy is home. YEAH!!!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

How fun! Great pics!

emily anderson said...

i LOVE that picture of scott and jonas. that is fabulous!

can't wait to see you next week! we still on for thursday night?

pakosta said...

such fun photos!

Boni Lady said...

I love all the embrace pics today... but my favorite is the Twin Lovin! I have 2 year old b/g twins... can't wait to see them being best friends when they're a little older!

Amanda O'Banion said...

I love your story! What an inspiration!


Leasa said...

Love the pictures. Found you through Embrace the camera. Come check me out at