Saturday, October 30, 2010

More of October...

The Farm
We went to the farm last week with 5 other moms taking 15 kids of 6 years old and under so there was never a dull moment. Our farmer gave us a tour around seeing all kinds of farm animals like pigs, goats, ostrich, chickens, cows, ducks, baby chicks and of course the kids favorite ponies because they got to ride them. It was a hot and crowed day but the farm was well prepared for all the people and was very organized. I think it's a true fact now my kids LOVE animals! They were so excited to be so hands on with all the animals and none of them were scared to hold or catch them. Brooke was a natural and didn't want to leave. We broke away from the 2 1/2 hour tour to eat lunch and pick out our free pumpkins. It was a great day and the kids had a great time.

Baby Shower
Last weekend I flew up to NC for one of my best friend's baby shower. She truly has the cutest bump ever. She's not finding out the sex which is driving me crazy .. it's so hard to shop for neutral! The weather was gorgeous and boy do I miss seeing the seasons of the leaves changing colors
We had breakfast at this unbelievable place called Flying Biscuits ... I do think it went down as my favorite breakfast spot ever!
Miss Rach is going to be one great mommy and I just can't wait to meet her little Brussels Sprout!
It was nice to get away for the weekend but while I was away Jonas decided to show his walking skills of course it has to be the weekend I'm away :( But Scott caught it for me...


Elle J said...

Kudos to Daddy for capturing it on video; SO CUTE!

Jon y Amy said...

So cute! It is fun to see him walking! I don't think I am ready for the girls to walk yet. :)


Deborah said...

Yeah Jonas. What a big boy. Great dad to make sure he caught it on video.