Thursday, October 28, 2010

Snapshot of October

I don't seem to remember October being such a busy month as it has been this year. This is actually the 1st official day this month we have been home on a morning with no place to go! I plan to catch up and camp out in my PJs :) shh.. don't tell anyone. The kids are so excited to just play all day at home. I'm sure within an hour every inch of our house will be covered in toys but that's half the fun right? It's funny as Jonas' favorite toy to play with is a plastic ball .. he loves to throw it and laughs while chasing after it... it's hours of entertainment while in between knocking down anything that Parker is building.. gotta love little brothers.
I'm going to update you with a snapshot of what we have been up too.. it's hard to narrow down the pictures .. as I know I can go overboard sometimes:) I will spilt this up into a two post this is part 1

Pumpkin Patch
This is our 3rd annual year at the pumpkin patch.. it's about 45 minutes away but it's a fun fall event for the kids even though it didn't feel like fall weather.
It was a hot Florida day and I ain't going to lie. The lines were long and didn't know how the day was going to turn out when we arrived. The husbands stood in line for an hour and the kids were more than ready to explore the kid activities.
There was a friendly scarecrow that greeted us and the entrance ..I'm surprised that the kids weren't scared of him this year.

There was many things to do including a hayride, tube slide, zip lining and corn mazes. We actually skipped on the corn maze this year but enjoyed the rest.

Next year we know to go earlier in the morning but overall it turned out to be a good day. To end the day we stopped at the local BQ restaurant for some yummy dinner. It was a perfect way to end a fun fall day in Florida.

This year for the twins birthday we decided to take them to Disney. We stayed the whole weekend at a hotel to feel like a vacation and the kids loved it. We got to the hotel and told them this is where we are staying and they said this place is gorgeous haha... We were acting like kids running down the hallways and jumping on the beds. Parker insisted that he and I are in a bed and Brooke and Daddy were together. Sorry Scott:) Then headed to the pool for an afternoon swim.

Later that night Scott's work had a miniature golf function we went too. It was actually the 1st night that Jonas had slept apart from us. Our sweet Mimi watched him for us. It's been six months being home and felt it was time.. he did great. It was nice to have one on one time with the twins. Parker had fun with Daddy playing golf as he was actually pretty good at it and kept his attention span. Brooke and I went to the face painting which she loved.
On Saturday we were up early and ready to go .. off to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.
We are on the bus on the way to Magic Kingdom
The Classic Disney picture .. Aren't their shirts so cute? Mimi made them
First thing when we entered we saw Snow White.. Brooke was just so excited but still very shy when she was talking to her.
Cinderella was another favorite
Visiting Minnie's house.
Parker was a little nervous to actually meet Lightening McQueen he made some loud engine noises but at least he got to see him. Off to get Jonas from Mimi so he can enjoy the evening with us.
The day wouldn't be final until seeing the light parade. Parker fell asleep 5 minutes before it started but Jonas and Brooke watched the whole thing. It was a perfect ending of the day. As a child I have always dreamed of taking my kids to Magic Kingdom. I loved enjoying everything through their eyes as a child.

More to come....

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