Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guess Who's Birthday??

Yes, the Twins! 4 years ago today they were born into this world. It was truly one of the best days of my life! We started the day off again at our favorite breakfast place.. where they enjoy their favorite pancakes.
Next off to school, a celebration with their friends. After lunch, Dora and Diego cupcakes.
Jonas enjoys story time
Some of their class friends
Time to sing Happy Birthday
After school we went home for a quick nap, then off to Mimi and Pop's house for a hamburger & hot dog dinner upon their request. We ended with a fun chocolate banana fudge ice cream cake.. Yum Yum.
Time for a few gifts .. Mimi did it again getting the best gifts
Our precious children are sleeping with smiles on their faces! I do think it was one of their happiest days yet, their joy was overflowing from the beginning to the end of the day cherishing each moment. I truly can brag a little that my children appreciate everything little thing you do for them.. if you just gave them a paper bag I think they would be grateful. I had told Brooke only one gift was for her and all the rest were for the kids in Africa and she said "ok, which one is mine?" I was totally kidding and she had believed me. They have such gracious hearts. I hope this never fades away. Tonight, Parker is sleeping with his Cars and Brooke with her new dolls. It was a perfect day! I know one they will cherish forever, we love you so much and are so thankful God brought you into this world to be a part of our family. I thank God every day I get to spend with you.


Jon y Amy said...

Fun, Fun! They are looking so big! It looks like they thoroughly enjoyed their birthday!

J Gutwein said...

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