Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Have News!

Ok, so patience is not my virtue. As soon as I posted the previous post, I received this message from Heidi's mother-in-law.

Just wanted all to know that we heard from Heidi and Scott today. The electricity has been out for 2 days as they are working on the front of the building so there were no phone calls or internet access. They are so happy and excited. We could hear the baby in the backround laughing and it sounded like he was saying Dada! We couldn't believe it! The kids were so happy to hear from them as the last time was on the video call on the internet from Dubai. Brooke kept asking..."do you have baby Jonas, do you have baby Jonas?" Parker was just excited to know that Scott gave baby Jonas his Thomas the train that he sent with Scott! Scott said they are trying to get some pictures up on the internet to send but that the internet was worse than our dial up so it is pretty slow. They still haven't found any wireless connections.

Thanks for praying for them and the kids. The kids are doing amazing. They are not skipping a beat. We were able to spend a long weekend at the beach with their cousins , Aunt Dana and Uncle John so they were busy and well loved.

We will let you know if there is any further news.
Debbie Armstrong

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