Thursday, April 22, 2010


FINALLY!!! Finally we get some pictures around here. I had given up and figured I'd just have to wait to see the happy family at the airport. Lucky for me and all of you, Heidi and Scott were able to get these great pictures out today. Now as I mentioned, I had the privilege of meeting this beautiful boy in January. I kept telling his mommy and daddy that he was the happiest baby in the whole care center (maybe in all of Ethiopia). They have confirmed my observation and say he IS the happiest boy. They said they couldn't get him to go to sleep last night because he wouldn't stop laughing!

It is so nice to see pictures of him in his mommy and daddy's arms. Things are almost as they should be-just a few more days until the whole family is together. You can just see the joy in all of their faces to finally be together. Adoption is such an amazing gift. The love you feel for the precious blessing that God has bestowed on you is hard to describe. What an honor for God to have chosen this family to raise and love baby Jonas.

They did pass through their Embassy appointment yesterday, so everything is set for Jonas' homecoming.

I pray that these pictures will be contagious and spark a chain reaction of families answering God's call to care for the orphan. May this sweet child grow to love God and serve Him and be a mighty light for His kingdom.


Carissa said...

YEAH!!!! So happy to see Jonas in their arms! Thank you for keeping us updated! Heidi and Scott, God is so AWESOME, that He would plan this before the foundation of the world and bring it to pass! Congratulations!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, Jonas is just the cutest little baby boy! Wow! Yay for pictures! :-)

Glad they didn't have any embassy issues. Scary stuff.

The Pendrak's said...

YAY!! Precious pictures, what a blessing to see that sweet, happy boy!! Praying for safe travel home so Jonas can soon meet his big sister and brother!!