Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No New News

No news is good news as they say in the adoption world, but I am just dying to hear from Heidi and Scott about their first meeting with Jonas. I have literally been stalking my own email inbox waiting for an update to no avail. If everything went as scheduled, they should have met Jonas on Monday and have, I'm sure, been enjoying him ever since.

I find myself counting the hours between time zones and thinking about what they are probably doing now. Right now, they are probably getting that sweet boy ready for bed. Because we were just there, it is so easy for me to picture them at the guest house with him-sitting out in the court yard, down at the main table for breakfast, gazing out at the same scenery that we just experienced and mingling with the gracious guest house staff. I imagine they are soaking up every minute of it-of course this is all just speculation because I haven't heard ANYTHING:).

I've been trying to give them their space, in case they are just too busy to bother with email, but I think that there must be a communication issue. This morning, I finally caved and tried to call them. I called over and over and only got a busy signal, so it may just be that they are unable to call or send email right now. Power outages and internet connection failures are very common in Ethiopia.

So, I will leave you all with this picture of our homecoming with our two girls. We were so glad to have Heidi and her family at the airport to welcome us home. Notice the cute Africa shirts (handmade by Heidi). We will all be sporting our shirts once again to welcome little Jonas home on Sunday!

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