Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ethiopian Update

While Heidi and Scott are in Ethiopia, they've asked that I (Jessica) post to their blog for them. I feel honored to return this favor as she posted for us while we were in Ethiopia in January bringing our daughters home. I'll be updating as I get information from them.

This morning I received an email from Heidi. Their flights have gone well, they are soaking up the culture and loving being among such joyful people. She is taken aback by the level of poverty and living conditions they have seen. It really is an unimaginable thing to see hunger, homelessness and despair on such a large scale. But as she said, amongst the unimaginable suffering, their is joy. That is what makes Ethiopia such an amazing place. The people there are the kindest, happiest and most generous that I have ever had the privilege to be around.

Her heart is full of emotions as she takes all of this in and as she and Scott prepare to meet their sweet baby boy on Monday. We were blessed to meet him when we went to get our girls and he was truly the happiest and most content baby in the whole room. God could not have picked a more beautiful boy for them or a more perfect family for Jonas.

Please continue to pray for them. They are traveling to Mekele today (the region where Jonas was and where our agency has another care center). They will be playing with and loving the children their and setting up new cribs for the baby room. Pray for continued safe travels, health, and of course a wonderful first meeting with their beautiful boy.

I've posted a few picture from our trip to Mekele. I thought it might be fun for you to see where Heidi and Scott are today.


Weaver said...

Hi Jessica,
Thank you for blogging forthe armstrongs. It is a privilege to read about all their steps to Jonas. Bless you and we continue to pray for their trip and all the details!!

Carissa said...

Thanks for the updates! I am SOO happy to be able to follow along! Praying for the trip and that wonderful first meeting with

Aunt Susan said...

hey guys! you have been in my thoughts all morning. I keep checking for Jonas pics-I'm leaving this page up til then! love you all and am praying for safe journeys!